Providing Today’s Researchers with the Foundations of Tomorrow

Ideal for students and interdisciplinary researchers, Major Reference Work’s offer a wealth of foundational knowledge on a topic.... Read more

Biomedicine & Biochemistry

Comprehensive Toxicology, Third Edition

Editor in Chief: Charlene McQueen, Auburn University Pub Date: December 2017 Comprehensive Toxicology, Third Edition discusses chemical effects... Read more

Biomedicine & Biochemistry

Hospice and Palliative Care and Public Health Challenges

The following excerpt is taken from the chapter Hospice and Palliative Care by Barbara Gomes and Irene J.... Read more


Can You Increase Happiness and Health by Doing Good?

Public health focuses in large part on contagion, pollutants, violence, and innumerable other sources – both natural and... Read more

Materials Science

New Series, Comprehensive Materials Finishing Has Published

We are thrilled to announce that Comprehensive Materials Finishing has published! This interdisciplinary work brings together all known research in... Read more


2017 Book and Handbook Series Announced

Elsevier’s book series and Handbooks offer a unique and important service to researchers by consolidating the latest advances... Read more


The Relationship between Stress and Anxiety Disorders

The following excerpt is taken from the chapter Stress and Anxiety Disorders by C.V. Chen, S.A. George and... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science

Now Live: Stratigraphy & Timescales

The academic and industrial need for precise age constraints has made stratigraphy a fundamental and rapidly developing earth... Read more

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