Professional, Scholarly Works from Elsevier Win PROSE Awards

Acclaim from the American Publishers Awards for Professional and Scholarly Excellence Elsevier, a world-leading provider of scientific, technical... Read more


Cuban Blindness: Diary of a Mysterious Neuropathy Epidemic

On May 4, 1993, Cuba asked the international health community and the World Health Organization (WHO) to find... Read more


Remarkable, But Not Special: What Human Brains Are Made of

Humans are formidable creatures, capable of transforming their food to refined “molecular” gastronomy, building skyscrapers, modifying their own... Read more


Sexual Differentiation of the Brain: A Fresh Look

It is now over 55 years since publication of the seminal Phoenix, Goy, Gerall, and Young manuscript (Phoenix... Read more

Economics & Finance

Kenneth Arrow, Nobel Laureate and Co-Founder of the Handbooks in Economics, Dies at 95

Nobel Prize-winning Stanford economist Kenneth Arrow died in his home in Palo Alto on Tuesday morning. He was... Read more

Economics & Finance

Introduction to Business Analytics Using Simulation wins TAA Most Promising New Textbook Award

Elsevier is proud to announce that Introduction to Business Analytics Using Simulation won the award for the “Most... Read more

Psychology; Social Sciences

Advances in Motivation – Free Chapter Downloads

In 2014, Elsevier launched a new series in the psychology portfolio, Advances in Motivation Science.  Series Editor Andrew J. Elliot’s... Read more


Fundamentals of Brain Network Analysis Wins PROSE Award

Scholarly publishing’s highest honors were awarded on February 2, 2017, at the 41st Annual PROSE Awards ceremony in... Read more

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