Earth & Environmental Science

Spotted Owls Continue to Teach Us About What a Forest Is

As a newly minted biologist in the 1980s, I cut my intellectual teeth capturing spotted owls for radio... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science

We Need a Moon-Shot for the Environment More Than Ever

This week, more than 193 nations will celebrate Earth Day. The annual event is a marker for the... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science

Primary Forests Take Center Stage in Paris Climate Agreement

Following a fortnight of negotiations, an unprecedented agreement has been signed by all the world’s 196 nations which... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science

The Rise and Fall of the Oceans: What’s Next?

We live on a blue planet, 70% of which is covered by ocean. Marine biodiversity is concentrated in... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science

Changing the Conversation about Fire

As two forest ecologists and a firefighter, we view forests as a dynamic ecosystem, see fire as nature’s... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science

California’s Forests Were Born to Burn

It is fire season and dry forests like those in the Lake fire area near Big Bear are... Read more

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Earth & Environmental Science

Get Informed About Global Change and Reference Modules

Recently, I gave a lunchtime talk at a conference of librarians and educators in Charleston, South Carolina on... Read more

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