Food Science & Nutrition

Of Cabbages and Cows Increasing Agricultural Yields in Africa

Africa’s food requirements, along with its population, are growing fast. Three research programmes ask how a better understanding of viruses,... Read more

Life Sciences

Call of Duty: Fighting Ebola in Sierra Leone

Working in a lab as a basic scientist can often seem far removed from the real world. A... Read more

Plant & Animal Sciences

Cooperation Helps Mammals Survive in Tough Environments

New research suggests that cooperative breeding makes mammal species such as meerkats better suited to dry, harsh climates.... Read more


Teenagers Who Access Mental Health Services See Significant Improvements, Study Shows

Young people with mental health problems who have contact with mental health services are significantly less likely to... Read more

Life Sciences

Threat of Novel Swine Flu Viruses in Pigs and Humans

The wide diversity of flu in pigs across multiple continents, mostly introduced from humans, highlights the significant potential... Read more

Neuroscience; Psychology

Reconditioning the Brain to Overcome Fear

Researchers have discovered a way to remove specific fears from the brain, using a combination of artificial intelligence... Read more

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Larger Brain Size Linked to Longer Life in Deer

The size of a female animals’ brain may determine whether they live longer and have more healthy offspring,... Read more

Food Science & Nutrition

Just Your Cup of Tea: the History (and Health Claims) of the Nation’s Favorite Brew

How do you take your tea – with a drop of poisonous chemicals or a spoonful of sheep... Read more

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