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Call for authors – ‘Mathematics in Science and Engineering’ book series

By: , Posted on: May 1, 2016



It is an exciting time to do applied mathematics.

From the mathematical physics and engineering underpinning the Large Hadron Collider, quantum computing, the search for flight MH370, to the route-finding systems powering self-driving cars, modern science and technology is filled with innovations propelled by advances in modeling, nonlinear mathematics and high-performance computing.

Contemporary applied and applicable fields of mathematics stretches across fields as diverse as: renewable energy (biomass, solar and wind power, smart grids), earth and atmospheric sciences (climate studies, global warming, oceanography, turbulence), fossil fuel (geology, oil and gas exploration, fracking, reaction-diffusion combustion dynamics), aerospace technology (drones, new generation hypersonic airplane and spacecraft designs), conflict resolution (control and game theory for quantitative social sciences), homeland security (terror cell detection, tomography), biomedicine (pharmaceutical drug and protein designs, war on cancer, mathematical biology, computational chemistry), material science (graphene, nano-colloids), manufacturing (robotics, 3D lithography), big data (analysis, probability and statistics), and economics and finance (mathematical finance models, stochastic equations in investment and banking, chaos).

In response to this tremendous new interest in applied and applicable mathematics, Elsevier is pleased to re-launch the famous Academic Press ‘red series’, Mathematics in Science and Engineering [MSE], which originally developed under the leadership of Richard Bellman (1960-1984) and William F. Ames (1991-2006).

Under new Series Editor Goong Chen, this collection of books will aim to provide researchers, graduate students, and higher-division undergraduates in mathematics, science, engineering and technology domains with quality books straightforwardly focusing on the inter- and multidisciplinarity, nonlinearity, complexity, and large-scale scientific computing which now characterize much of the application environment.

The Series Editor and Editorial Board are here pleased to announce a call for authors for the prestigious and highly visible series. The Editors are particularly interested in considering works which address:

  • Inter- and multi-disciplinarity: problem solving for modern complex problems;
  • Nonlinearity: providing methodology to analyze and control nonlinearities, bifurcations and chaos
  • Modeling: quantifying and approximating the physical and engineering systems under study
  • Computation: providing concrete data for validation, visualization, optimization and design, and analysis, estimation and prediction on big data
  • Contemporaneity: giving timely treatments on “hot” or trendy events or topics
  • Applied mathematics disciplinary topics are also welcomed

For prospective authors interested in publishing their work in MSE, please download a New Book Proposal Form and submit, together with copies of your CVs, and a sample chapter of 15-25 pages (if available), to Graham Nisbet (


EDITORIAL BOARD: Helene Frankowska, Jordi Boronat Medico, Vicentiu Radulescu, Ulrich Stadtmuller, Stephen Wiggins, Pengfei Yao


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Mathematics & Statistics

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