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In the 21st century, both personal fortunes and global economies are tied more tightly than ever to corporate businesses and financial markets. For scholars and professionals, a solid grounding in economics and finance is critical, as is up-to-date knowledge of technology, law, and corporate structures and practices in these swiftly evolving fields. Elsevier provides content written by leading experts on key topics of currency exchange, bank regulation, mergers and acquisitions, entrepreneurship, real estate, environmental economics, industry development, project finance, and more. We also produce essential handbooks on the economics of health care, agriculture, education, and a wide spectrum of other areas of public policy.

Economics & Finance; Social Sciences

Farmers Can Profit Economically and Politically by Addressing Climate Change

President Trump, congressional Republicans and most American farmers share common positions on climate change: They question the science... Read more

Economics & Finance

Kenneth Arrow, Nobel Laureate and Co-Founder of the Handbooks in Economics, Dies at 95

Nobel Prize-winning Stanford economist Kenneth Arrow died in his home in Palo Alto on Tuesday morning. He was... Read more

Economics & Finance

Introduction to Business Analytics Using Simulation wins TAA Most Promising New Textbook Award

Elsevier is proud to announce that Introduction to Business Analytics Using Simulation won the award for the “Most... Read more

Economics & Finance

How To Be An Economist in 2017

It has been a rough 12 months for economists. We have been ignored by voters, ridiculed by politicians... Read more

Economics & Finance; Mathematics & Statistics

Call for Authors – ‘Spatial Econometrics and Spatial Statistics’ Book Series

Series Editor: Giuseppe Arbia Editorial Advisory Board: Luc Anselin, Badi Baltagi, Raymond Florax, Dan Griffith, James LeSage, Daniel... Read more

Economics & Finance

Key Topics from the Handbook in Economics Series

The Handbooks in Economics series provides the various branches of economics with definitive reference sources, suitable for use... Read more

Economics & Finance

Yes! There are Limits – Economic Growth and Sustainability

Can we maintain our present quality of life while preserving the well-being of our grandchildren? How do we... Read more

Economics & Finance

Explainer: What Is Contract Theory and Why It Deserved a Nobel Prize

The Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science has just been awarded to Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmström for... Read more

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