Engineering brings science and technology out of the lab and into the real world. Often without thinking about it, we engage every day with technology that is the product of careful, precise design and execution by engineers in electronics, optics, and communications; embedded systems; automotive, aerospace, and marine; mechanical; and many other disciplines. For decades, Elsevier has maintained and grown extensive collections in these and other cutting-edge areas, like biomechanics and nanotechnology, through our trusted imprints: Newnes, Academic Press, and Woodhead Publishing. In addition, our powerful online platforms like Knovel and Engineering Village help streamline research and development processes for users around the world.

Engineering; Materials Science

Upgrading Our Infrastructure: Targeting Repairs for Locks, Dams and Bridges

For the second time in a row, America’s infrastructure has earned a grade of D+ from the American... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science; Engineering

Should Britain Build on its Green Spaces to Solve the Housing Crisis?

Back in the 1930s, English planners came up with a novel idea to prevent urban sprawl: a ring... Read more


Ask an Academic: Pedro Castillo

In this install ment of “ask an academic,” we sit down with Pedro Castillo, CNRS Researcher at Sorbonne... Read more

Computer Science; Engineering

Announcing the 2017 Texty Award Winners!

Elsevier is proud to announce our books received Texty Awards this year. All of the awards are listed... Read more


The Science Behind the Flint Water Crisis: Corrosion of Pipes, Erosion of Trust

Flint’s recent water crisis is a stinging reminder that the infrastructure we often take for granted has many... Read more


Top Five SciTech Connect Engineering Articles of 2016

As we bid farewell to 2016, here’s a look back at the some interesting and thought-provoking engineering articles... Read more

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Post-Publication Author Questionnaire with Rolf Eckhoff

We sit down with Author of Explosion Hazards in the Process Industries, 2nd Edition, Paul Eckhoff to ask... Read more

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