Physical Security & Emergency Management

The advent of the 21st century has brought with it a paradigm shift in approaches to physical security worldwide. In security management and homeland security, as well as in emergency management, mandates for securing people and property are constantly multiplying, leading to new organizations and infrastructures at every level, both public and private. These efforts both drive and depend on security techniques and technologies. Elsevier’s robust collection of physical security resources, such as our Butterworth-Heinemann imprint and our collaboration with the Security Executive Council, encompasses topics ranging from aviation security and crisis management to loss prevention and all-hazards risk mitigation.

Physical Security & Emergency Management

Integrating Emergency Management and Disaster Behavioral Health

Preparing for and responding to disasters and large-scale emergencies make for strange bedfellows. These tragic events require that... Read more

Physical Security & Emergency Management

Want to Prevent Lone Wolf Terrorism? Promote a ‘Sense of Belonging’

This September, as they start the school year, French children aged 14 years old and upwards are going... Read more

Physical Security & Emergency Management

Why Are Police Inside Public Schools?

Children across the U.S. have now returned to school. Many of these children are going to schools with... Read more

Physical Security & Emergency Management

Why the Guns-On-Campus Debate Matters for American Higher Education

As of Aug. 1, 2016, a new law allows concealed handguns in college and university buildings in Texas.... Read more

Physical Security & Emergency Management

Tourism and Immigration

Around the world, immigration and refugees are a hot topic. Europe is locked in a debate as to... Read more

Physical Security & Emergency Management

Is Commercial Aviation as Safe and Secure as We’re Told?

On Thursday, May 19, EgyptAir flight MS804, traveling from Paris to Cairo, crashed into the Mediterranean Sea. All... Read more

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Physical Security & Emergency Management

New Technology Can Be the Difference Between Life and Death in a Disaster

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Physical Security & Emergency Management

System Instinct

Recently Barack Obama gave a speech directly from his Oval Office. He had done this only twice before... Read more

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