Plant & Animal Sciences

The science of living things holds a special fascination for human beings, as we strive to understand our place in the seemingly endless array of life on our planet. Research into agricultural and plant science, ecology, animal science and behavior, aquatic and marine science, organismal biology, entomology, and evolution continues to shape both our technology and our fundamental knowledge of ourselves. Elsevier’s foundational and leading-edge content in these areas — including award-winning encyclopedias of fish physiology, animal behavior, and insects — continues to enhance scientific comprehension of the living systems we depend on.

Life Sciences; Plant & Animal Sciences

Monkeys Regulate Metabolism to Cope with Environment and Rigours of Mating Season

The flexible physiology of Barbary macaques in responding to extreme environmental conditions of their natural habitat may help... Read more

Plant & Animal Sciences

How Animals Are Adapting to cope with Their Noisiest Neighbors – Humans

Human noise is forcing animals around the world to go through changes, unknown and invisible to most of... Read more

Plant & Animal Sciences

An Introduction to the Encyclopedia of Applied Plant Sciences

We are thrilled to announce the Second Edition of the Encyclopedia of Applied Plant Sciences is now available... Read more

Plant & Animal Sciences

Biggest Library of Bat Sounds Compiled to Track Biodiversity

Researchers have compiled the largest known library of bat calls to identify and conserve rare species in Mexico... Read more

Plant & Animal Sciences

Baboons Watch Neighbors for Clues About Food, but Can End up in Queues

Baboons learn about food locations socially through monitoring the behavior of those around them. While proximity to others... Read more

Plant & Animal Sciences

Virus Attracts Bumblebees to Infected Plants by Changing Scent

Study of bee-manipulating plant virus reveals a “short-circuiting” of natural selection. Researchers suggest that replicating the scent caused... Read more

Plant & Animal Sciences

Will We Soon See Another Wave of Bird Extinctions in the Americas?

In the shady recesses of unassuming forest patches in eastern Brazil, bird species are taking their final bows... Read more

Plant & Animal Sciences

Global Carnivore Conservation at Risk

Shrinking habitat, increased conflict projected in regions critical to survival of threatened apex predators. A new study confirms... Read more

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