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Insights from SMM 2015

By: , Posted on: January 5, 2016

SMM Booth

In December 2015, we attended the Society of Marine Mammalogy annual conference in beautiful San Francisco. The society’s mission is to promote the global advancement of marine mammal science and with over 2,300 attendees; the conference provided a great medium for communication and shared knowledge.


We held several book signings throughout the conference which really increased booth traffic as the authors of both Marine Mammals of the World, 2nd Edition (of which we sold 110 copies during the conference) and Marine Mammals, 3rd Edition are well known in this field. The events were so popular that even the puppy joined in. A great success story!

Berta_Signing  JeffersonSigning11_Puppy


We also held a book-a-day giveaway at the booth and took advantage of the opportunity to talk to our customers and authors/editors about trends in the industries and more. Below are a few images of our winners and our distinguished authors.

JenniferJennifer Saxby is currently a student at USGS and is interested in the evolution of manatees. She chose Marine Mammals, 3rd Edition by Annalisa Berta, James Sumich and Kit Kovacs because it relates to the sessions that she was most interested in and attended during the conference where advances and changes in the way we think about things were discussed.


AmyAmy Whitt is the CEO and senior scientist at AZURA, an environmental consulting company.  Amy selected Marine Mammals of the World, 2nd Edition by Thomas Jefferson, Marc Webber and Robert Pitman. She still uses the first edition a lot and wants to remain current with the 2nd edition.


MollyMolly Gabler selected Marine Mammals, 3rd Edition by Annalisa Berta, James Sumich and Kit Kovacs.  She is currently studying marine biology and knows that this is a great resource in the field.



Michel Vely

Michel Vély, the chairman of MEGAPTERA in France, chose Marine Mammals, 3rd Edition by Annalisa Berta, James Sumich and Kit Kovacs. Michel is a veterinarian delving into marine biology and this book will be of great assistance to him in his research.


Bruno Cozzi with his forthcoming book, The Anatomy of Dolphins and Marc Webber discussing his book, Marine Mammals of the World, 2nd Edition with an attendee.

Cozzi_Kristi    webber students

Enjoy browsing a small selection of other books on display during SMM 2015:

sea otter conservationSea Otter Conservation

Edited by Shawn Larson, James Bodkin and Glenn VanBlaricom

marine mammals of the worldEncyclopedia of Marine Mammals, 2nd Edition

Edited by William Perrin,  Bernd Wursig and J.G.M. Thewissen

animal behaviorAnimal Behavior, 2nd Edition 

By Michael Breed and Janice Moore

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