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Reference Module in Food Science

By: , Posted on: February 22, 2016

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The Reference Module in Food Science went live on ScienceDirect on 1st December 2015 thanks to an incredible effort from the editorial board. The fifteen Subject Editors and the Editor-in-Chief worked extremely hard to bring hundreds of existing articles up-to-date and commission a huge amount of new and exciting content to a very tight schedule. Their amazing effort has cemented the module’s reputation as an authoritative, one-stop resource for food science researchers around the world.

Now that the module is live, the editors are thinking strategically about its future growth. Each editor continues to commission new articles to fill gaps in their section and provide coverage of current trends in the food science arena. There’s a ripple of excitement across the board as they explore the latest innovations and developments in the field and invite these pioneering scientists and practitioners to contribute to the module. In this way, the module will continue to evolve over the next few years into a truly interdisciplinary and dynamic resource, providing users with a wide breadth of foundational research.

Some of the brand new areas of focus that the editors have identified for the year ahead include drug effects on the microbiome, twenty-first century consumer behaviour and how it influences food marketing, and non-thermal processing and extrusion techniques. They’ll also be building on our existing coverage of food and plant biotechnology, food sensory parameters, proteomics, international food policy and regulations and measurement of food quality.

The editors will also examine the effect of climate change on food as part of the wider topic of food sustainability and security. This was a hot topic at the 2015 EFFoST conference and the 2015 UN International Agricultural Forum’s global debate so it’s absolutely vital that the module provides users with a complete overview of the ongoing debates surrounding this issue.

The Reference Module is broken down into the following sections with the corresponding Subject Editor and, of course, if anyone reading this article has an article or topic suggestion then please contact the Elsevier Acquisition Editor, Rachel Gerlis at

rachel gerlisThe Reference Module in Food Science can be found on ScienceDirect here. For more information about the full range of Elsevier Reference Modules please visit If you or your librarian would like to subscribe please contact our sales team directly.

Read more from Rachel Gerlis, the Acquisitions Editor of the Reference Module in Food Science here.


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Food Science & Nutrition

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