Channel Partners: Expanding Your Book’s Reach Through New Partnerships

At Elsevier, we embrace new business models and innovative distribution technologies from our channel partners. Guaranteeing that your content is available and accessible to markets around the world is the key to our success. To accomplish this, we’ve built a marketing strategy that includes valuable partnerships with global leaders such as Amazon, Google and Apple.

Our Current Channel Partners

Today, we have successful partnerships with all of the broad-reach third-party distributors and resellers, and our eBooks are distributed to over 70 partner platforms, including both institutional and consumer markets. Our goal is simple; work with the best partners that not only specialize in serving our content market niches, but also give us a larger geographical reach.


New Channel Partners in 2013-2014

We’re always looking for new opportunities to promote and sell your books. Since early 2013, we have added several new partners. Highlights include Kyobo, FlipKart and uCertify:

  • Kyobo – South Korea’s largest bookstore, and an example of a physical bookstore that has successfully maintained both its online (ebook) and offline traffic. We work with them in both print and electronic book formats.
  • FlipKart – India’s largest online retailer, and the sixth largest e-tailer in the world by valuation. Flipkart’s investments are aimed at strengthening their presence in a market that is set to become one of the world’s largest, and a recent infusion of $1 billion will only strengthen their position.
  • uCertify – With a focus on the academic market, uCertify’s business is to build courseware for universities. They compile relevant content from publishers based on the course, add on layers of interactivity (quizzes, flashcards and other widgets that help learning), and sell the modules to the institutions. This approach has the potential to supplement, or even replace, traditional adoption and textbook purchase models with universities.










Existing Partner Expansion Plans

We are seeing global expansion with our channel partners across all segments.  Amazon, Apple and Google are making inroads in Latin America and APAC, and our academic resellers such as CourseSmart and VitalSource are finding ways to gain institutional adoptions at major universities around the world. Featured below are some highlights:

  • Currently, Google has 56 global Google Play bookstores, having undergone an aggressive expansion in the last twelve months. Expansion in LATAM has been a major focus in 2014.
  • Today, Apple boasts 51 iBookstores across the globe. Notable recent expansions include LATAM, New Zealand, and Japan, and iBookstore Textbooks which launched in Latin America in 2014.
  • Amazon’s most recent expansions have been in to Russia, India and Brazil.

News of new and innovative technologies and business models in eBook publishing and distribution seem to be a daily occurrence.  One of our many tasks is to wade through these evolving opportunities in order to identify those that have greatest benefit for your book. We are excited to continue with these efforts, and hope to continue to expand your book’s reach to new markets around the world.

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