eCommerce: The Elsevier Store Now Offers Over 20,000 DRM-Free eBooks, Along with Enhanced Fraud and Piracy Protection

1DRM-FreeThe Elsevier Store has removed Digital Rights Management (DRM) access technology from over 20,000 eBooks and enhanced our fraud and piracy protection. These changes benefit both our customers and authors by offering flexible ways for readers to access content and a more secure system that protects our authors against unlicensed usage and piracy.

What is Digital Rights Management?

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a class of technologies used by publishers to control the use of digital content and devices after sale.

DRM-Free eBooks: A Radical Change in the Way We Offer Content

As readership transitions from print to eBooks, the Elsevier Store has listened to customer frustrations regarding DRM technologies and the ways they can hinder the eBook user experience. In an effort to significantly address these concerns, we have replaced Adobe DRM with Digital Watermarking, thereby enabling the full portability of eBooks from device-to-device without the encumbrances of DRM reader technology.

“By removing DRM, Elsevier unlocks a whole range of added-value services, including a true, multi-format eBooks offering (EPUB, PDF, and Mobi), a simpler purchase-to-access process, and a better shopping experience,” said Andea D’Orta, Head of DRM & Access Technology. “Customers will be free to move an eBook from their tablet to their smartphone to their laptop, and even change operating systems without having to go through multiple signups or application downloads.”

The Elsevier Store Works to Protect Authors From Piracy

The threat of copyright piracy has long been the hurdle to offering DRM-free content. Elsevier continually monitors and polices the piracy levels of our books and believes DRM has minimal effect in reducing the number of illegally copied eBooks on file sharing sites. In addition, “recent studies have shown the presence of DRM may actually impede the adoption of eBooks,” added Mr. D’Orta.

Improved Check-out and eBook Download Processes to Protect Against Fraud

The Elsevier Store’s checkout process is now safer, providing additional protection against credit card fraud. The eBook download process for the user does not begin until after the credit card transaction has been verified. This prevents users from gaining access to unpaid content, but does not affect the customer experience.

About The Elsevier Store (

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