eCommerce: Why Your Book Belongs on the Elsevier Store

The Elsevier Store offers over 56,000 books and eBooks and access to more than 10 million articles. Generating additional sales for authors and contributors is only one of the many benefits to having an online marketplace direct from the publisher. Due to the extensive and specific content on the store, book detail pages receive high page ranking in search engines, like Google, making your book more discoverable online. Visitors can read a detailed description about the book, key features, intended readership audience, any awards received, and also learn about the author.

Why Does the Elsevier Store Offer Promotions?

The store competes for traffic like any other online retailer.  To ensure we maintain traffic and rankings in the search engines, we must drive traffic to our author’s book pages.  Promotions and campaigns create additional interest in the store, driving visits up by as much as 20% and increasing page views nearly 40%.  This means visitors view more books per visit when the store runs a promotion, ultimately leading to increased sales.

X-Ways Forensics Practitioner's GuideAuthor Success Story

The store can be a valuable tool to help authors get their newly released or existing book noticed by core audiences. As mentioned in the SciTech Connect article, Elsevier author Brett Shavers experienced substantial results through our integrated, digital marketing approach. Disseminating a store promotion for Mr. Shaver’s X-Ways Forensics Practitioner’s Guide through his personal blog and Elsevier’s computer security social media community resulted in a 100 pre-order copies and a #1 ranking on Google.  In addition, the store promotion helped drive added sales on other eCommerce sites as well.

By linking blog posts or social pages to the store and tying in with promotions, authors can experience greater discoverability, higher search rankings, and increased adoption.

Key Benefits from Elsevier Store Promotional Campaigns

  • Promote greater discoverability across books
  • Attract a larger viewing audience for books
  • Enhance engagement with site visitors viewing more books per page
  • Build customer relationships for future personalized communications

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